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High voltage IGBT gate drivers

Elventive's high voltage digital gate drivers cater to low and high power, high voltage, and high availability applications for IGBTs and SiC MOSFETS.


Reliable and Rapid Assembled PCBs

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SMT Assembly

"Efficiency Meets Innovation" – Our Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly ensures components fit with pinpoint precision, creating reliable and innovative products.

Through-Hole Assembly

"Strong Foundations for Strong Innovations" – We make sure your components are firmly in place, providing durable, dependable results for every application.

Prototype Assembly

"Bring Your Ideas to Life" – Refine your concepts with our prototype assembly service, setting the stage for seamless mass production.

Turnkey PCB Assembly

"From Concept to Completion" – We take care of everything from sourcing parts to testing, so your product is ready for the spotlight.

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